(2020) Team 33 - VISUAL BLEM

  • BLEMS include graphical and visual imperfections only - Light scrathces and graphic imperfections. Please see images for examples of blemishes. The deck you receive may not be pictured.


    All BLEMS are functionally the same. We will not sell a deck that has been functionally compromised in any way. 


     33" x 9.5" 7ply maple

    Nose 3.25, 4.0 Tail 6.5, 7.25

    wheelbase 17.5-19 


    The 2020 Team 33 features a new-old graphic formerly used on the Frequent Flyer but with two all-new colorways. The construction is a lightweight, all wood ,  7-ply construction that is stiffer than your average street deck but not as heavy and combersome as your average longboard. This deck features mild rocker, exagerated fenders/wheel flares, a mild W concave in the middle of the deck for added stiffness, a fully functional kicktail and snub nose. It is ideal for hybrid "skate everything" style, everything from cruising to light bombing. Ideal for small board tech sliding and low speed freeride and even mixing in some street tricks. This deck is perfect with any style of truck, but we reccomend using the inner wheelbase with traditional trucks like Indys and the outer wheelbase for all your reverse kingpin trucks like Paris 165s. 


    If you're looking for a pocket sized quiver killer, This is the deck you've been looking for!!