Scavenger 35" 

Scavenger 35

  • Scavenger 35" x 9.75 Radial Drop mold Dropthrough Wheelbase 27.5-29" 8ply Great lakes hard rock maple The radial drop mold is actually a long version of the Hell Camino platform with radial drop added between the fenders. On this deck, most of the fender is cut away, however, you get a sweet steep edge to lock into, while the rest of your foot comfortably rests in the many secret pockets this mold offers. This deck feels like you are wearing bindings. It has a shorter wheelbase for a nimble tight ride. Because of the short wheelbase, and drop, we made the platform as big as possible. In order to do that, you have to limit some clearance. It's not intended for giant wheels, but depending on the truck, you could get up close to 75mm. You know we love our indy's here at Earthwing. We added a second set of inner holes just for indy 215's. You can fit any size wheel you want with Indy 215's. It is a low, lean, slidey machine with indy.

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