Very limited edition based on the original 2006 superglider

Superglider 2006 Re Issue

  • TEN YEARS AGO extremely limited run, and you won't see this black weave again. This deck put Earthwing on the map. This original superglider was designed for the streets of NYC with a focus of efficiency, speed, and fluid predictability. There is a slight snappy flex to cut down vibration, and propel your momentum through rough spots, and the energy return in carves, pumps, and kicks makes this deck come alive. Skaters cherish this deck. 38" x 9.5" construction: 5 ply with 2x2 black weave top and bottom thermolam (rare) Nose: 2 3/8" - 2 3/4" Tail: 6 3/8" - 6 3/4" Wheelbase: 24 3/8" - 24 7/8" Flex: med flex, with snappy torsional support Mold features: wedged nose mounting, mild concave kicktail Weight: 3.40 lbs. style: commuting, carving, long distance, sprinting

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